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iRobot Roomba s9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

S$ 1,500.00S$ 1,850.00

  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • 1 Year Battery Warranty
  • All Versions are Pre-Order Only. Due to new design, the product build is not as robust as the flagship Roomba i7. Please proceed to i7click here.

    • Our deepest clean yet*
    • Advanced technology, advanced cleaning
    • Guided by serious smarts
    • Learns, maps, and adapts to your home
    • Ideal for homes with pets

    S$ 1,500.00S$ 1,850.00

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    • Our deepest clean yet*
    • Advanced technology, advanced cleaning
    • Guided by serious smarts
    • Learns, maps, and adapts to your home
    • Ideal for homes with pets


    Our deepest clean yet

    The Superior 3-Stage Cleaning System uses Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes and 40X the suction* to pull in embedded dirt, debris, and pet hair from wherever it hides. Power Boost Technology automatically increases suction to clean deep into carpets.

    *Compared to Roomba®  600 Series

    Corners. Edges. And the Details inbetween.

    PerfectEdge® Technology with advanced sensors, and the specially designed Corner Brush with five arms to grab dirt and debris from deep in corners and along walls, directing it into the robot’s path to be vacuumed up.

    Guided by serious smarts

    Intelligently maps and remembers multiple floor plans to clean your entire home. Using advanced vSLAM® navigation technology, the robot gathers over 230,400 data points each millisecond to optimize coverage. Enhanced sensors constantly scan ahead at a rate of 25 times per second to detect obstacles in the cleaning path.

    Learns, maps, and adapts to your home

    Imprint™ Smart Mapping enables the robot to learn, map and adapt to your home, allowing you to control which rooms are cleaned and when. Patented Smart Charge and Resume enables your robot to intelligently recharge for the amount of time needed to continue cleaning and get the job done.

    “Roomba, clean my kitchen.”

    Knows your kitchen from your living room. Choose which rooms are cleaned and when in the iRobot HOME App. Enjoy hands-free control with Alexa and Google Assistant.

    Amazon, Echo, Alexa, and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com or its affiliates. Google Home is a trademark of Google LLC.

    Keeps getting smarter

    Comes equipped with advanced hardware capable of providing the intelligent features you love today, and access to our latest advancements in the future – through software updates designed to improve functionality over time.

    Ideal for homes with pets

    The High-Efficiency Filter is made from a special material that traps 99% of mold, pollen, and dust mite allergens. Shedding pets are also no match for the tangle free rubber brushes.

    Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes – now 30% wider*

    More cleaning with every pass. Uniquely designed rubber brushes that stay in constant contact with carpets and hard floors, to get everything from small particles like dust and dirt, to hair and large debris.

    *Compared to Roomba®  600 Series

    Effectively cleans carpets and hard floors

    Cleans both carpets and hard floors by automatically adjusting the height of the cleaning head, keeping the Dual Multi- Surface Rubber Brushes directly engaged with the floor.

    Steer Clear Of Objects.

    Keep Out Zones allow you to clean with added control, actively avoiding the areas you tell it not to go. Create virtual boundaries that keep your robot cleaning where you want it to, and away from where you don’t.

    Tag You’re it.

    The next generation of connected home automation—powered by Imprint Link™️ Technology. Roomba®️ s9 and Braava jet®️ m6 robots map your home and clean your floors, vacuuming then automatically mopping, without any effort from you.



    ModelRoomba s9Roomba i7
    Systematic Cleaning
    3-Stage Cleaning System Cleans Carpet and hard floors40x Suction*10x Suction*
    RuntimeRecharges & ResumesRecharges & Resumes
    Dirt Detect™ Technology
    Edge-Sweeping BrushCorner Brush
    Washable Dirt Bin
    Intelligent NavigationvSLAM® Advanced NavigationvSLAM® Advanced Navigation
    Clean and schedule with smart home and app controls
    Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes & High-Efficiency Filter are ideal for pets
    Entire level cleaning with coverage maps
    Clean and schedule by room with Imprint™ Smart Mapping
    Imprint™ Link Technology
    Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt DisposalCompatibleCompatible
    Deeper cleaning on carpets with Power Boost
    PerfectEdge® Technology
    Anti-Allergen System

    Important note:
    Mainland China set is available for pre-order only until further notice. The only difference of Local and Mainland China set is that the App setup requires you to select China as region (which maybe slightly slower) & does not connect to Alexa or Google assistant. They pair with Xiaomi Voice Assistant or Tmall Genie instead. All other features & functions remain the same.

    Warranty: 2 Years
    1 iRobot Roomba s9
    1 Home Base® Charging Station
    1 Line Cord (3-Pin UK Plug)
    1 Extra High-Efficiency Filter
    1 Extra Corner Brush
    1 English Manual

    Voltage: 220-240V
    Dustbin Capacity: 0.1 gal
    Cleaning Method: Dry
    Dust Collection: Bagless
    Cleaner Type: Robotic
    Battery Type: Lithium Ion
    Battery Capacity: 1830 mAh
    Suction power: 2200Pa

    Product Dimension:
    Product weight: 3.7 kg / 8.2 lbs
    Product size (L x W x H): 12.25 x 3.5 cm / 4.8 x 8.9 inches

    iRobot® Roomba® s9 Robot Vacuum User Guide
    For English manual, please click here.

    Additional information

    Weight 12 kg
    Dimensions 41 × 49 × 40 cm

    Local Set, Mainland China

    Super Savers


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Problematic, but great service and now no problems

    Bought the item, delivered fast as promised, however it had problems at the start (robot unable to charge fully) contacted the customer service and they responded very promptly and guided me very well. Had to send for repair but it was done very fast and everything was under warranty so no extra charge. Customer service & technician was excellent and responsive.

    Now the robot works great and has no problems. Learnt the floors of the house very well, and rarely gets stuck, and really sucks up a ton of dust and dirt.

    Highly recommended product & also service by AutoVac Bot.

    S9 roomba

    Powerful cleaning. Able to.schedule specific room clean up. Only thing is gets stuck on the carpet which is about 1 inch.

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