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iRobot Mirra 530

iRobot Mirra®
Pool Cleaning Robot
Takes the work out of cleaning a pool.
We’re guessing you have a pool so you can enjoy it, not so you can clean it. Now with Mirra you can spend more time splashing and less time scrubbing. The best part? No installation, hoses or booster pumps. Just drop it in and let it go.

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"The underwater robot removes the debris you
can see and the hidden stuff you cannot"

- Forbes

Mirra deep cleans pool surfaces and water for you, removing leaves, hair and dirt, as well

as algae, pollen and bacteria as small as two microns.

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Scrubs Pool Floor And Walls
Mirra uses a PVC brush to actively scrub the pool surfaces as the robot moves, allowing the robot to lift dirt, algae and bacteria off the pool floor and walls, including at the water line where oils and bacteria can build up.

More Cleaning Features -

Filters Over A Gallon Of Water Per Second

Mirra has one motor to drive the robot and another to pump and filter 70 gallons of water per minute to clean the pool as fast as possible. As Mirra moves, it reduces heated hot spots and keeps chlorinated water evenly distributed as it disburses filtered water throughout the pool.

Handles Heavier Jobs

Choose large debris canisters for heavier pool clean-ups, including those in the fall.

Makes Cleaning The Pool Easier Than Ever
Just drop it in, press the CLEAN button and Mirra is off to work. From easy-to-empty debris canisters right down to the quick-drain valves, Mirra was built to make pool cleaning easy for you.

Simply drop Mirra into the pool, push the CLEAN button and off it goes on the optimum cleaning cycle for your pool.


Two valves allow for fast draining and easy, lightweight removal of Mirra from the pool.

Simple To Remove Debris
Easy-to-remove canisters allow you to quickly access and remove debris – simply lift out the basket, open the trap door and take out debris.
Optional Carrying Caddy
Now it's even easier to move Mirra from the pool to its storage area. Convenient design holds the robot, the floating power cord and power supply all in one place.

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iAdapt® Nautiq

Responsive Navigation Technology For Pools

iAdapt Nautiq is our enhanced robotic cleaning technology that allows Mirra to size up the approximate dimensions of the pool, then choose the optimum cleaning cycle. Mirra makes multiple passes over the entire inside of the pool, navigating obstacles and climbing walls and stairs.
Won’t Get Tangled Up
Gyro sensor detects when and in what direction Mirra has turned, allowing the robot to change direction and prevent the 60-foot floating power cord from getting tangled.

More Coverage Features -

Cleans Any Type Of In-Ground Pool

Ceramic, vinyl, gunite - Mirra cleans any type of in-ground pool.

Cleans Floor To Waterline And Everywhere In Between

When you want your pool cleaned, you want your whole pool cleaned, including the water, floor and walls. Mirra does just that, cleaning the water and surfaces of your in-ground pool, so you don’t have to.

Climbs Walls Without Slipping

The PVA wheels give Mirra sponge-like traction on slick pool surfaces like ceramic or vinyl.

Special Wheels For Gunite

Rubber wheels provide optimum performance on rough surfaces like gunite.

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Sales & Expert advice
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