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If you haven't read our previous post on why our website price is higher than lazada, you can check them out here.

So the question that still remains is...

How Do I Know If My Unit is USA or China set?

That's exactly what we will be showing you today. To differentiate between USA and China set.

FYI, iRobot produces robot vacuums for multiple region. Both iRobot in the comparison are 100% genuine.

Let's get the ball rolling.

Clue #1: Box Description

For your convenience, I have blown up the picture above so you can see them clearly.

Left is USA set, Right is China set

Clue #2: Color of the Roomba i7 Top Cover

Left is China set, Right is USA set

The colors are pretty similar but I'm pretty sure you can distinguish the difference. For the China set, the top cover is more of a silver color, while the USA set has darker shades of grey.

Clue #3: The Roomba i7 Clean Button

Left is China set, Right is USA set

The China region iRobot Roomba has the Chinese word "清扫" on it. The USA set only have "Clean"

There you go guys, I hope this post help you in identifying USA and China iRobot.

Is there any risk of buying iRobot China set?

Actually, the robot is genuine, and it does the job fine.

Only caveat is you will not be able to do any firmware update should iRobot release any enhancement upgrades/updates in the future.

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Sales & Expert advice
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