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It has come to our attention that there are sellers who list very premium iRobot products such as the iRobot i7 for a very cheap price in Lazada Singapore.

I would like to make some clarification here.

I will use this listing below as an example here:

First of all, the top of the range iRobot Roomba i7 and the Roomba i7+ is launched on September 2018 last year.

You can read and verify all the press release that was made.

A sample press release made can be found here --> CLICK HERE.

*don't worry, we won't clickbait you.

Let's give it some thought, IF and really IF that the Roomba i7/i7+ is launched last year, how does this seller acquire customer reviews from 2 years ago?

The explanation is simple. Flawed product listing management by the entire Lazada Group and they NEVER CARED to fix it.

It's a known problem and they just closed a blind eye.

So what this sellers could do is to modify an existing old listing, and edit the product title and product description and voila. They managed to retain all customers reviews and rating.

This is how it works in the marketplace game, and we are not pretty fond of it.

So the listing above and the reviews are MISLEADING.

Okay. enough of that.

So let's come to the golden Question.

Why are they priced so cheap?

It's China version of iRobot.

For the china  version of iRobot, your iRobot account must be created and accessed  through a China account.

Furthermore, the iRobot Roomba will face frequent disconnection to the China servers, and also will not be able to connect with either Alexa, or Google Home.

Last but not least, you will not be able to update your iRobot Roomba firmware.

Don't believe us? Try asking them and as always, you can try to buy it. You have 7 days return policy with Lazada.

Thanks and goodluck.


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Sales & Expert advice
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